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The students of today are going to be the leaders in the future so schools have a great responsibility of making sure that their students are brought up in a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is important because it has a great impact on a person’s physical as well as mental state. The rise in diseases as well as crime rates is due to the lack of education and awareness therefore it is the duty of schools to ensure that all students lead a healthy lifestyle in order to become responsible adults in the future. Healthy habits are also necessary because it motivates students to perform better in school and become successful individuals throughout their life. Healthy lifestyle is a vital necessity so here are some ways schools can promote it to all the students.

Healthy Environment

The environment in the school both outdoors as well as indoors must provide students comfort and safety. Creating a healthy environment is An efficient way of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Classrooms must not be congested and bullying must not be tolerated in schools. This way all the students will develop healthy habits and become responsible individuals. Schools must also consider open space management in order to promote physical activity amongst the students. Outdoor spaces can also be used by students for educational purposes such as studying in the field and even for recreational purposes.


All human beings are required to consume healthy foods in order to stay fit so all school must make sure that the students consume nutritious foods. If the school provides meals for students they must develop healthy meal plans. Schools can also discourage consumption of junk foods by avoiding the sale of such food within the school premises.

Physical Activity

Obesity is a rising health issues therefore students must be encouraged to take care of their physical health. Schools can encourage students to do so by allotting time every single day for physical activity. Schools must also provide various sports for students such as soccer, basketball and athletics. Sports field construction and regular maintenance of the field are very important in order to make sure that students remain motivated and perform well in sports.

Mental Health

Apart from strictly discouraging bullying, schools must also ensure that there are plenty of professional psychologists and counsellors who can help students with mental health issues. The students must be encouraged to speak out. Creating awareness programs for students as well as parents will also greatly improve the mental health of the students.

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