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Tile layout is the focal point during the renovation of your bathroom. It is important to plan the layout carefully from scratch as it helps in making the required modifications. Without proper planning, the outcomes may not be as perfect as you want. There are many rules one should follow before building or renovating a bathroom. Installing the tiles is the crucial project when it comes to renovation of a bathroom. You should use durable tiles that look sophisticated and best suited for wet areas. Some of the key rules for tile installation for bathroom have been discussed below. If you don’t follow this point, then the tile could easily crack in no time.

Choose the type of tile

The first step for floor preparation is choosing the tile which varies in shades, sizes and materials. Some of the types of tiles include stone, glass, ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic and porcelain are ideas for bathrooms as they are sturdy materials and are water resistant. As far as the sizes of tiles are concerned, there are large tiles that take less amount of time for installation. But, if you decide to go for smaller tiles, you can look for mounted or mesh backing for easy installation. There are different shades of tiles to choose from. But ensure that it matches rightly with your bathroom. Link here offer a great floor service that can suit your needs.

Determine the length of the tile required

You should be able to determine the tile requirement by multiplying the length and the width of the bathroom. To be on the safer side, you can go for an additional 10 percent. If you think you are creative, now is the time to show it. Combine different colors and sizes to form a custom design. If you need assistance with regards to ideas and designs, you can check out some of the best designs online. You can also consider concrete floor polishing for your bathroom to enhance the beauty and strength of the flooring.

Replace the old tile with the new one

The tile installation is a time consuming project and it is best to plan ahead before you decide to go for it. It may take a few days for completion and you won’t be able to use the bathroom immediately after the process gets completed. You may choose to fix tile on the existing vinyl tile. However, the underlayment has to be in good condition. Therefore, it is best to get rid of the old tiles and install the new one. Thus, these are some of the best tips for installing a tile for your bathroom.

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