Callisto Napolitano/ October 22, 2018/ Construction & Building

If you are thinking of setting up a new business that will give you a good profit why not start a car washing business. If you have a vacant lot and a good location then this would probably be a good business for you.

There are alot of cars and privately owned vehicles that would be needing your service on a daily basis. Most of these car owners are also busy with their everyday work and they hardly have the time and energy to clean their own vehicles. Should you wish to have this kind of business, below are the tips to get started.

1.)Get the necessary business permits to operate and set up the structure. If you would be building the structure from scratch you would need to secure a building permit from the city hall.

2.)Create the car wash structure, you would be needing a shaded area for your car wash so that it would be easier to clean the vehicles and prevent water marks from forming into the car which is caused by sun exposure. The structure would be your biggest investment but make sure to look for affordable sheds and garages to lessen the costs. Buying concrete and steel materials plus paying for labor costs can eat up a lot of your capital. Since it is just a start up business it is important that you plan wisely on how to save money. There are several suppliers of modular structures and shed kits for sale, which are more affordable and easier to assemble. Doing this may save you at least 50% of your starting capital.

3.)Purchase your car wash equipment. In most cases the equipments can be bought in a one stop shop. You can purchase 1 set which includes a compressor, power hose, wet and dry vacuum, car shampoo foaming machine. If you are starting up one or two sets of equipments would be a good start. Also make sure to look for the best suppliers for your needs suchs as car shampoo, turtle wax, tire black and air fresheners. You would need to stock up on this supplies every once in a while so you must purchase them in bulk and wholesale prices. If you are interested about garages for sale you can visit this website

4.)Look for trusted employees that would be incharge of cleaning the vehicles. Make sure to train them on how to do things the right way so that you would be able to attract and retain more customers. All cars must be cleaned thoroughly within a minimum amount of time and maintain good service and affordable pricing.

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