Callisto Napolitano/ March 7, 2019/ Construction & Building

It is very important as a door buyer to see the material and check the type and durability of the door. Factor which is even more important is to make sure the door can be used for interior environment and outside the home as well, because always remember the main entrance door is exposed to the outside environment so it is highly important to check the door for the use of both sides. Since the modern and unique ideas are so much in almost every field that nobody can completely know all the phases and sides of the ideas. colonial-doors

There are so many types of door but here we will talk about some old school royal doors which are known as ‘colonial doors’ quickly in order to give our readers the imagination these doors are half wooden and half glass, we all have seen that typical ‘Sherif’s door’ in Hollywood movies right? That is a colonial door, the functionality of this door was to provide visual access to those who are outside the room (only visual not the physical access). But then ideas changed and in order to stop the invasion of privacy foggy glasses and fiber sheets were invented and placed instead of transparent and clear glass. So now one can see the shadow of the person inside the room and not the clear picture. Moreover there was a concept, such as in clinics so prevent the disturbance to reach to the doctors checking the patients inside the room; colonial doors were installed there (so that one can check from the glass without disturbing the patient or the doctor between the checkups). 

The features of a colonial door is one can easily examine deep rectangular shape designs on the door, glass is not something which has to be there always, colonial doors in Brisbane are also complete heavy wooden doors but with square and rectangle shapes on it (not plain and simple). Why they are called royal doors because they are not more wanted by the clients, only few old school (who know the significance and style of this type of door order this). Broadly colonial doors are segregated in two kinds, solid and hollow. Technically these two types can be found in every door type but especially in colonial doors this matters a lot. Solid core means the door is heavy filled with wooden material and definitely the quality of solid core is quite brilliant as compared to the other type, which is hollow core. Hollow core is something which is a frame of the door (not literally) but it’s not heavy and filled with material. One can easily check the quality of the door just by knocking. If the knocking sound is like as if knocking a filled water drum that’s solid core and if it sound like an empty wooden water drum that’s hollow. 

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