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You just bought a new house. Congratulations are in order. We all have dreams about owning a house, someplace we could call home and go back at the end of the day to let go. You have achieved that dream. But do you still find yourself unsatisfied with the house you just bought? Do you find yourself uncomfortable? Do you find it hard to let go and fully relax? Does the new place not feel like home? It’s okay if you feel all these things, because it actually takes a while for a new place to feel like home. If it feels as if you’re living in a stranger’s house and you’re worried about you never stop feeling like it, let me tell you, after you’re used to your surroundings that feeling will go away. It just takes time. But you can do something to speed up the process. You can add your own touch to the house and the garden. Lets’ focus on the garden, now.

Start with Research

The first step is to do some research. You probably have an idea about how you want your garden to look, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at other gardens and be inspired. Google images will provide you with millions of photos of beautiful gardens. You can even browse Pinterest if you want. Take a piece of paper and write down all the things that you find attractive and you want to see in your garden, it could be a pond, or a wall made of Australian sandstone or flowers and trees. If something attracts your mind, write it down. Make sure to be detailed and precise.sandstone wall australia

Sketch Your Ideas

Once you’re done with research, go to your garden with that piece of paper and take a walk around. Decide where you want everything to be. Say, you want a pond. Decide where you want it to be, how long and big and deep you want it to be. Think about it all, write them down. You don’t have to be done with planning in an hour. You can use as much time as you need. You can get your family’s ideas too. After you’re done with planning, do some research about businesses that can help you, if you want a stoned wall, you need to find a business that provide the services of stone wall cladding. Find a good business with good feedback and experience.

Hire the Experts

The last step is to talk to them. Contact them or you can go meet them. Decide on a date and ask about the budget. Make sure all your ideas are understood before agreeing into anything. After you have talked to them buy all the necessary things you need.

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