Callisto Napolitano/ February 3, 2016/ Home Improvements

cleanHome is where we go to relax and be ourselves. A safe nest from a long, hard day or simply to recuperate and get some peace and quiet, we go out of our way to ensure we take care utmost care of them so they not only look great, but are also in maximum functionality. Neglect can deteriorate a home before you know it and once it hits a certain point it can be hard to turn back. A paint-job every now and then is necessary as is maintaining your floors. If you have opted for concrete floors, here are some ideas you can use to keep them in great condition over time.

Did you know that by correctly maintaining your concrete floor it can last upto ten years? Concrete grinding Brisbane for example will have some places you can turn to for advice and ideas. One of the main ways to ensure your floor lasts over a long period of time is by keeping water away from it. Often, contractors apply a sealant or stain protector over the floor to keep it safe from any accidents that may occur. However, water can remove this protective layer hence you must allow at least 3 days for the floor to dry and settle completely.

Concrete floors can be quite messy when polishing and you have to exercise extra caution once the job is done in order to maintain the finish. If you choose to cover the floor with polythene or any other covering, do NOT tape it and ensure you clean any leftover grit and dust with a soft brush. Usually, hardware stores should have brushes that are specifically made for this purpose which you can get.

It is extremely important that the materials you use for cleaning are suitable for polished concrete Gold Coast or anywhere else for that matter if you expect it to last. You can generally find what you need in the same place so if you are going to the store to buy the cleaning brush, make sure you also ask for concrete floor specific cleaning agents. Acid-based cleaners and dirty waters are a strict no-no as you will damage the appearance over time.

If you do not know anybody who may have had this done before and are doing it for the first time yourself, why not speak with your contractor for advice? They have all the best information as they have had experience with other clients and know what works best and what can destroy your floor. Get their input as to what methods and materials are best for your floor.

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