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There are many incidents where children, injure themselves badly by falling off the windows at home. Considering the seriousness of the situation, the government has made it mandatory for every building to have appropriate security for the windows when there are kids in the building. You can get in touch with the reputed companies that offer services in this regard and inquire about the details of the latest regulations. According to the latest norms, windows of a certain size need to have the locks that will withstand the appropriate pressure. This is done to safeguard the children from falling off the windows. Once you get in touch with the reputed service providers, they will come to your place and verify the situation. If you already have any locks installed at your place, they will check if they are capable of withstanding the suitable pressure as prescribed by the authorities. When they finish the test, the professionals will suggest you to install the new locks that will offer the suitable protection for your children. In this way, you will get complete solutions with regard to the safety locks for windows at your place. All you have to do in this situation is to reach out to the service providers and select the suitable locks for your building. In some cases, when you do not want to install the locks for your windows, you can choose the alternate option and install the steel bars as prescribed by the authorities. The gap should not be more than a few inches and you will have to make sure that the design is in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the government. 

Avoid accidents at home

  • When you choose reputed professionals for window installation at your building, you will not have any compliance issues with the authorities.
  • The service providers will choose good quality window lock that will last for a long duration and this will give full value for your investment.
  • You can easily rely on the services offered by these professionals as they have a good reputation in the industry.
  • They will come to your place with all the accessories and complete the entire process in quick time without disturbing the surrounding place.
    This will make it convenient for many homeowners choose them for installing the BCA window restrictors Sydney in their building. This will make the entire place safe for children as they cannot open the windows due to the locks. However, you can open the locks at any time when children are not present in the building.
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